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Action Selection Page

This page allows to user to select the type of device they want to configure and add or remove various actions to the current profile, which fall under 2 categories, Deployment Actions and Firmware Actions. These categories are represented by two different radio boxes. By default, the Deployment Actions radio box is selected, with the Wi-Fi Setup action already selected.

Action Selection

Device Selection

Three fields allow you to select the specific device you will be deploying to.

  • Select Model (e.g. Memor 11, Skorpio X5, Joya Touch 22, etc.)
  • Select SKU (e.g. GMS, AOSP, region-specific, etc.)
  • Select OS Version (Android version)

Deployment Actions

Supports two sub selections that are listed below.

  • Host Profile - Supports all actions. Selected by default.
  • Barcode Only - Supports actions that do not require hosting of Scan2Deploy Profile.
ActionDescriptionDevice Specific
Wi-Fi SetupConfigure Wi-Fi network connection settings
  • Manage - Enable/disable device applications
  • Install - Install local apps
  • Update - Update Datalogic apps to latest version
Device and Scanner SettingsConfigure scanner settings and parameters
Add ScriptsConfigure script commands to apply to the device
File UploadUpload files with arbitrary file extension
Visual FormatterSetup barcode visual formatting
Datalogic LauncherConfigure Datalogic Launcher
Enterprise BrowserConfigure Datalogic Enterprise Browser
Advanced KeyboardConfigure Datalogic Advanced Keyboard

Firmware Actions

ActionDescriptionDevice SpecificHost required
Wi-Fi SetupConfigure Wi-Fi network connection settings
Firmware UpdateUpdate device firmware with OTA package

Unlike deployment profiles, firmware profiles are much more limited as they are focused solely on updating device firmware.