Datalogic Android SDK 1.26

Datalogic Android SDK 1.26 is now available. You can access the documentation here. The online API documentation is available here.


DXU Android v1.33

The last release of DXU Android released on Github prior to v1.33 was v1.29. Several version of DXU Android (v1.30, v1.31, v1.32) are included in device firmware, but have not been made available separately on Github.

Corrected defects

DXU 1.33.5991

  • Fixed an error that prevented DXU desktop from getting all parameters from Memor 20

DXU 1.32.4399

  • Fixed an issue causing issues on Android devices. DXU always returned error “Error While Loading Configuration” when importing a Skorpio X5 DXU configuration file

DXU 1.31.4151

  • Updated scanner/decoding settings for use on Skorpio X5
  • Resolved issue where Surelock could cause a system crash

DXU 1.30.3690

  • Fixed DXU Agent issues caused by setting target API level to 28 (Android 9)

Datalogic Android SDK 1.25

Datalogic Android SDK 1.25 is now available. You can access the documentation here. The online API documentation is available here.


  • Added AppManager class. AppManager gives developers the ability to manage installed applications. It provides the following methods.

  • Added PackageInstaller class. PackageInstaller gives developers the ability to install, uninstall and upgrade applications in unattended/silent mode.

  • Added linearTransmissionEnable property to the Composite class.

Other notes

  • On Android 10 (Android Q) devices, GPS and network sensors can't be toggled separately. Therefore, passing a LocationMode value of NETWORK or SENSORS to the LocationManager.setLocationMode() method will effectively be treated as if the value SENSORS_AND_NETWORK had been passed in.

Datalogic WiFi Guard 1.10.3


The application requires the following minimum firmware versions:

DeviceMinimum firmware version
Skorpio X52.08.044
Memor 201.07.01


  • Datalogic WiFi Guard is now supported on Memor 20.
  • Improved automatic pan/zoom when graphing to keep data visible and maximize use of the screen.
  • Added checks for disabled Wi-Fi before attempting data collection.
  • Improved Ping error reporting for an unreachable destination.
  • Improved color contrast for data series.

Corrected defects

  • Statistics graph displays the correct RSSI Roaming Threshold setting.
  • Graph Storage buttons are not always disabled with an empty graph.
  • Corrected miscellaneous graphing display issues:
    • Axis labels may overlap.
    • Corrected scale used when loading Statistics graph files.
    • Connected AP indicator in the legend does not update when it changes.

Scan2Deploy Android 1.28

Corrected defects

  • Resolves an issue that caused Scan2Deploy to fail while installing APKs included in a profile .tar file. The timing was such that GMS updates from Google were occurring in the background while the APK was being installed and this caused the install to fail.