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Aladdin for CODiScan

Installing the App

The Aladdin application can be can be installed through Google Play, an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, or by using Scan2Deploy. You can also download the apk directly from GitHub.


Aladdin is a mobile application designed to run on android platforms that allows users to pair and access various features and settings of a CODiScan scanner. Aladdin interacts with the CODiScan via BLE protocol. The application uses this communication approach to configure and receive scan data from the CODiScan scanner.



  • Perform pairing and establish connection with mobile devices and CODiScan scanner.
  • Receive data from a scanned barcode and store history of scanned barcodes for 30 days.
  • View real time device information like battery level, battery temperature, charging status, battery profile, etc.
  • Configure and apply various parameters (e.g., sleep timer, LEDs, Beeper volume) related to the CODiScan.
  • Supports various integration methods like SDK, Intent, WebSocket & Keyboard to get barcode data from the CODiScan.
  • The Find My Device feature can be used to locate a currently connected CODiScan scanner.