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Distribution Components

  1. Common Control Objects (optional)

  2. Datalogic Service Objects

    The Datalogic Service Objects are packaged with the current OPOS control objects. They are fully compatible with the Unified POS Retail Peripheral Architecture and the OPOS appendix to that spec. To view the current version of the document, go online to the UPOS page of the Object Management Group® (OMG®) website at

    The Service Objects support four types of DATALOGIC interface: RS-232, RS232 Single Cable, USB-COM, and USB-OEM.

  3. DLWMIsvc

    DLWMIsvc is the service responsible for keeping the Windows Management Instrumentation updated with current Datalogic-managed device information.


    The Datalogic Remote Management Update Utility is typically used to update the firmware of your Datalogic devices.

  5. DualTest

    The DualTest application can be used to test or verify proper functioning of your Datalogic-managed devices.

  6. OPOSPropertiesEditor

    The OPOS Properties Editor application allows you to modify various settings like data logging options, COM ports, baud rates, etc.