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Application Integration

This document covers integration of the Datalogic OPOS API with an application. This document assumes that Datalogic OPOS has already been installed using the provided installer.

Required binary files

OPOSScanner.ocx is the ActiveX Control representing a Scanner Control Object.

OPOSScale.ocx is the ActiveX Control representing a Scale Control Object.

OposConstants.dll contains data used by the ActiveX Control Objects.

ServiceOPOS.dll is the file representing Datalogic Service Objects.

Required configuration Files

The following configuration files must exist in the Configuration folder of your installation (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\DLSOPOS\Configuration).


ParserTable.csv contains configuration settings for identifying scanned labels using Datalogic devices.


ECICodePage.csv contains configuration settings for Extended Channel Interpretation.


prf_parser.json contains configuration settings for parsing Information, Health and Statistics responses from Datalogic devices.

Miscellaneous files

You may see other files in the Configuration folder (e.g. properties.upd, modswid.json) but these are used by the DLRMUS application and not by OPOS.