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Datalogic SoftSpot

Installing the App

Datalogic SoftSpot can be installed through Google Play, an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, or by using Scan2Deploy.


Documentation for older versions of SoftSpot (before v3.0) can be found here.


Datalogic SoftSpot is a user-definable floating button meant to provide easy access to the barcode scanner and other frequently used actions.

SoftSpot Desktop

Here is a list of the devices supported by Datalogic SoftSpot and the required minimum firmware version:

DeviceOS VersionMinimum Firmware Version
Joya Touch A694.05.09
Joya Touch 22111.02.002
Memor 1AnyUnsupported
Memor 10103.00.03
Memor 1092.10.16
Memor 11111.00.01
Memor 20113.06.001
Memor 2091.06.05
Memor KAnyUnsupported
Skorpio X5113.06.002
Skorpio X5102.09.052

SoftSpot Service

The functionality of the SoftSpot is performed by an Android service. When starting the SoftSpot app from a launcher, the main screen displays the status of this service.

SoftSpot Main Screen

The top switch on this screen enables/disables the SoftSpot. When enabled, a notification icon () will display in the status bar (if visible) at the top of the screen. This indicates the SoftSpot is enabled.

If you swipe down on the status bar, you can see a list of all notifications for the device. The notification for Datalogic SoftSpot displays the current status of the service. If you tap on the notification when the spot is visible, it will launch the Datalogic SoftSpot application.

SoftSpot Enabled

When enabled, the SoftSpot can also be hidden. The second switch controls the hidden state of the spot. When the spot is hidden, the system notification changes, and if you tap on it the SoftSpot is shown again.

SoftSpot Hidden

In addition to the controls on the main screen, the SoftSpot service can be controlled programmatically through an API. Details on the API can be found in SoftSpot API.

SDK deprecation

The SDK that was available in previous versions of SoftSpot is no longer supported starting with v3.0. Control over the spot visibility is still possible using intents as part of the new API.


The list of actions, appearance of the spot and its behavior can be configured. To access the SoftSpot configuration, tap the settings icon (). The available settings are detailed in SoftSpot Settings. When viewing these configuration screens, the SoftSpot is not visible so that the controls are accessible.