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Contains classes to manage Wi-Fi connectivity.


WifiManager The WifiManager class enables the user to control the Wi-Fi adapter behaviour. 
WifiProfile The WifiProfile class is used to both represent a valid Wi-Fi profile and manipulate it (e.g. 
WifiProfile.Builder The WifiProfile.Builder class is used create and manipulate Wi-Fi profiles. 


WifiManager.SleepPolicy The policy for deciding when Wi-Fi should go to sleep (which will in turn switch to using the mobile data as an Internet connection). 
WifiProfile.CertificateType Enumeration of the valid encodings for the user-certificate to be used for the EAP authentication. 
WifiProfile.EapMethod Enumeration of the valid EAP methods to use for WPA/WPA2 EAP authentication. 
WifiProfile.EapPhase2 Enumeration of the valid EAP phase-2 methods to use for WPA/WPA2 EAP authentication.