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PackageInstallerListener This interface is used by the application to listen to install/uninstall/upgrade result event. 


AppManager AppManager gives developers the ability to manage installed apllications. 
PackageInstaller PackageInstaller gives developers the ability to install, uninstall and upgrade applications in unattended/silent mode. 
PackageInstallerResult PackageInstallerResult is the base element of the List passed by onResult(List) to retrieve the result of operations of install/uninstall/upgrade. 
PackageInstallerSession PackageInstallerSession gives developers the ability to group the execution of a sequence of install, uninstall and upgrade commands. 


PackageInstallerEvent Enumerative representing the result event of the action requested to the SDK Package Installer. 


AppManagerException This exception is used for AppManager related errors. 
PackageInstallerException This exception is used for installer related errors.