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Scan2Deploy Studio 1.5.2

Scan2Deploy Studio 1.5.2 is now available. It includes UI improvements, new features, new script commands, and enhancements to the Visual Formatter.

Downloads are available in the Releases section on the Scan2Deploy Studio Github page.


  • Simplified UI

    • Merged the Manage Apps, Install Apps, and Datalogic Apps pages into one Applications page
    • Merged the Apply DXU Config page into the File Upload page.
    • See and edit profile name in title bar
    • Removed ability to enable/disable services since disabling services could sometimes cause inconsistent device behavior
  • Added features

    • Support for multiple Wi-Fi networks
    • Support for WPA3 Wi-Fi encryption
    • Can now make copies of profiles in the profiles list
    • Can now update Wi-Fi Guard from the Update tab on the Applications page
    • Added right-click menu to copy and paste text and copy images. For Example, this could be useful for copying barcode images and inserting into your own document or webpage.
    • New Profile host location features
      • Added on device host locations Device storage, SD card, and USB storage device
      • Added support for hosting via FTP servers
      • For profiles hosted in Scan2Deploy Studio, the profile host location URL will now auto-update when viewing a QR code from the profiles list
    • Added Copy JSON data (no whitespace) and Copy JSON data options to the Copy data button that appears below Scan2Deploy barcodes.
    • Added ability to clear or make no changes to default home/launcher app settings.

Scan2Deploy Studio 1.4.3

We are pleased to release Scan2Deploy Studio 1.4.3. It includes a number of new features designed to help you stage your devices as quickly and effectively as possible.

Highlights include the new Visual Formatter page used to create barcode formatting rules and support for managed configurations on the Manage Apps page.

Downloads are available in the Releases section on the Scan2Deploy Studio Github page.