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Datalogic Android SDK 1.27

· 3 min read

Datalogic Android SDK 1.27 is now available. The SDK add-on version supports Android API levels up to 29 (Android 10).

You can access the documentation here.


Configuration Manager

The ConfigurationManager class gives the developer the ability to browse and set the configuration properties of the device. For a list of all of the supported properties and groups offered by the ConfigurationManager, see the PropertyID documentation.

A high level list of available properties is as follows:

  • WIFI_GROUP - includes many advanced Wi-Fi settings available on the device including power save, logging, roaming, and scan interval

  • DATE_AND_TIME_GROUP - date and time settings such as NTP server and time zone

  • POWER_GROUP - device charging policy settings

  • USB_GROUP - allows for settings current and default USB function modes of the device.

import com.datalogic.device.configuration.ConfigurationManager;
import com.datalogic.device.configuration.Property;
import com.datalogic.device.configuration.PropertyGroup;
ConfigurationManager configurationManager = new ConfigurationManager(getApplicationContext());
PropertyGroup rootGroup = configurationManager.getTreeRoot();
void printGroup(PropertyGroup pg) {

Log.d("SAMPLE", pg.getName());

for (Property p : pg.getProperties()) {
Log.d("SAMPLE", " " + p.getName() + ": " + p.get());

for (PropertyGroup p : pg.getGroups()) {


Other Enhancements

  • Added notes on how to avoid possible deadlock issues when calling some Package Installer APIs on the UI thread. See PackageInstaller for more details.

  • Added methods to DLCradleManager: rebootCradle() to reboot the cradle and getType() to retrieve the cradle type.

  • Scan mode to support presentation or continuous mode - see ScanMode.

  • Added BAROQUE and VIPER beep modes - see ToneNotificationMode

  • Updated documentation to clarify minimum keyboard multitap delay. See AdvancedKeyboard class for more details.