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Disable USB Data Transfer

Datalogic Integrity Kit provides a mechanism to completely disable the USB data transfer, which can prevent attackers from using the USB interface to gain unauthorized access to the device's data or functionality. One scenario where USB data transfer could be exploited is through the use of malicious USB devices. An attacker could create a malicious USB device that, when plugged into the device, could execute commands to steal data, modify firmware or software, or install malware. With Datalogic disable USB data transfer mitigation strategy, the risk of such an attack is greatly reduced.

To disable USB data transfer through the Datalogic SDK on JT22 use the following code snippet:

import com.datalogic.device.configuration.ConfigurationManager; 
import com.datalogic.device.configuration.PropertyID;

ConfigurationManager cm = new ConfigurationManager(aContext);

cm.getPropertyById(PropertyID.USB_DATA).set(true); //or .set(false);

To disable USB data transfer through the Datalogic SDK on Memor 10 and Memor 11 using the following intent:

Intent action:


Intent extra: value, type int

0: disable all (USB data/chare)
1: enable all (USB data/chare)
2: enable USB data only
3: enable USB charge only

Sample code:

int usbEnabled = 1;

Intent intent = new Intent();

intent.putExtra("value", usbEnabled);


The following table shows which devices support this feature:

Memor 11✔️**
Memor 10✔️**
Joya Touch 22✔️
Joya Touch A6
Memor 20
Skorpio X5
Memor K
** Requires specific configuration