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Android Enterprise QR Code Generator

Website Location

The Android Enterprise QR Code Generator site can be found at


The Android Enterprise QR Code Generator creates a standard Android Enterprise Enrollment QR code that can be used to provision any Android device.

For Datalogic devices, the enrollment process has been enhanced to include additional properties in the QR code and the option to encrypt the QR code. These Datalogic specific options can be configured using the Android Enterprise QR Code Generator.

Additional features are only for Datalogic Android devices. Support for Datalogic custom properties can vary by device and firmware version. Refer to the table below to see which custom properties are supported on your device.

Minimum required firmware

DeviceOS versionMobile network, Network time protocol (NTP)EMM Agent downloadFTP download locationUSB Debugging
Skorpio X5113.02.0023.02.0023.02.002
Skorpio X5102.08.0502.08.0502.08.050
Memor 20113.04.0013.04.0013.04.001
Memor 2091.
Memor 1092.
Memor 108.11.06
Memor K91.00.04
Joya Touch A68.13.01.01

QR code enrollment method

The QR code method is used to configure device owner mode and enroll a device in an enterprise. The QR code contains the properties needed by the EMM Agent or Device Policy Controller (DPC) for provisioning. The QR code is scanned in the Setup Wizard on a factory reset device.

The standard QR code method requires tapping on the Welcome screen 6 times and then using the device's camera to capture the enrollment QR code. However, Datalogic has improved the QR code provisioning method, allowing the enrollment QR code to be scanned at any time in the Setup Wizard using the device's built-in scanning hardware. There is no need to tap on the Welcome screen or use the device's camera with a Datalogic device.

Scan from Welcome

Once the enrollment QR code has been scanned, the Setup Wizard downloads the EMM Agent application and initiates the device owner provisioning process.

Accept Device Owner

QR code generation

EMMs provide a way for administrators to create the enrollment QR code. Administrators can also use online QR code generators to manually create their QR code. The problem is these QR codes may contain sensitive information, such as Wi-Fi credentials, and most are not encrypted.

The Android Enterprise QR Code Generator generates encrypted or unencrypted QR codes. Encrypted QR codes are only supported on Datalogic devices (see supported firmware versions) and unencrypted QR codes can be used with any Android device.

Administrators may choose to manually create an enrollment QR code or create an enrollment QR code for one of our EMM partners. There are also additional properties, such as configuring an APN or EAP network, that may be included in the QR code to aid in the device provisioning process. Additional features are only supported on Datalogic devices.

Encrypting and editing unencrypted QR codes

An Android Enterprise QR code that is unencrypted can be imported into the Android Enterprise QR Code Generator. Once imported, the QR code data can be edited and encrypted. This feature can be used to encrypt and add additional properties to an Android Enterprise QR code generated by an EMM. Please see the Import QR Code section for more information.

Offline Availability

A Desktop version is provided for Windows users for usage within environments where the public site access is restricted. The latest installer can be downloaded here.