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Wi-Fi QR Code Generator

Website Location

The Wi-Fi QR Code Generator site can be found at


The Wi-Fi QR Code Generator page creates a standard Wi-Fi QR code and offers to encrypt it using a Datalogic public key. If encrypted, it can only be read by Datalogic Android devices. This feature is supported in these firmware versions:

DeviceMinimum firmware version
Memor 1v3.06.08
Memor 10v1.05
Joya Touchv2.21.38

Enable the feature

In order for the device to successfully process Wi-Fi barcodes, the Wi-Fi Configuration format must be enabled on the scanning device. To enable the Wi-Fi Configuration format, open the Settings app and navigate to Datalogic Settings > Scanner Settings > Symbology settings > QR Code and set Enable Wi-Fi Configuration Format on.

Encryption types

The Wi-Fi QR Generator supports two different network encryption types: WPA/WPA2 and WEP. For networks using WPA/WPA2 encryption, the maximum password length is 63 characters. For WEP networks, the network key must be either 5 or 13 characters long.

Hidden networks

The hidden network option is for use with Wi-Fi networks that do not publicly broadcast their SSID. SSID is always a required field. Note that if the network is not hidden, the device will still connect to the given SSID.