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The Aladdin Mobile Application 3.0.5 is now available. This is the initial version of the Aladdin Mobile Application.

Downloads are available in the Releases section on the Aladdin Github page.


Bluetooth Connections

  • Easy BT pairing using a barcode.

Handheld Scanner Battery Management

  • Battery level indication
  • Battery information
  • Battery management profile control

Handheld Scanner Information

  • Scanner type
  • Firmware version
  • Device ID

Barcode Data Integration

  • The Aladdin Mobile Application provides four different methods for getting the barcode data from the handheld scanner.
    • Keyboard (data input as keystrokes)
    • Intent (data input as intents to application)
    • WebSocket (data input as web socket events)
    • SDK (interface used by Android apps to get data)

Other Features

  • Aladdin on-screen keyboard
  • Scanning history