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Scan2Deploy Studio 2.0.0

ยท 3 min read

Scan2Deploy Studio 2.0.0 is now available. It includes many new enhancements and bug fixes. Read below for more details.

Downloads are available in the Releases section on the Scan2Deploy Studio Github page.


User Interface Redesignโ€‹

  • Major changes to look and feel
  • Introduced some minor flow changes and relocated several settings/components
    • Distinction from configuration and firmware update profiles on home page
    • Combined manage and install tabs on applications page
    • Moved application update tab to Save and Scan page
  • Added enhanced widget controls to Datalogic settings and application configuration
    • Color picker
    • File/Image picker
    • Numerical slider
  • Improved access to saved profiles and generated barcodes (can now enlarge for scanning ๐Ÿ”)

Application Update/Managementโ€‹

  • Added new 'Alpha' update channel option for Studio updates
    • Alpha releases will grant access to pre-release features that may still be under development
  • Window size and location are saved and restored on application exit/start

Wi-Fi EAP improvementsโ€‹

  • Updated controls related to certificate upload and selection
  • Improved option filtering and auto selection based on value changes
  • Added additional guidance on required/valid fields depending on the EAP method selected for Wi-Fi networks
  • Added missing options and controls that were added/required in newer Android versions

Advanced Keyboardโ€‹

  • Added feature support for Memor 11 and Memor 20 devices
  • Added AutoScan support for Skorpio X5


  • Added temporary highlighting for manually added applications
  • Added some missing application listings
  • Improved Applications page filtering and allowed certain GMS services to be selected for disable


  • Added profile title and hosting information to generated PDF
  • Added INSTALL command to available script selections
  • Added arrow key codes for Visual Formatter key event actions
  • Updated hosting field enable behavior and requirements
  • Added padlock key and state settings
  • Added ability to copy formatted intents for common EMMs
  • Added ability to set default browser on device
  • Added separate XLR SKU for SX5 and simplified Memor 20 SKU list
  • Allow profiles from future versions of Scan2Deploy Studio to be imported (user is warned that some features may not be supported)
  • User is now notified if a profile deletion has failed
  • Added timeout to discard profile request
  • User can now change the default launcher/browser selection when a Datalogic configuration is present
  • Improved next steps error reporting
  • Enhanced listed agent requirement for profile deployment to account for selected agent update
    • Should now accurately report the necessary starting agent version to apply the current profile

Corrected Defectsโ€‹

  • Fixed issue preventing PDF download for Barcode Only profiles
  • Fixed issue where the Enterprise and Factory reset values were swapped for profiles applying firmware updates
  • Fixed issue where some third-party APKs failed to upload due to icon extraction failing
  • Fixed issue where validation of Proxy Host field would toggle when pasting a valid entry
  • Fixed issue where fully qualified domain name was sometimes not returned with host information
  • Fixed issues that could result in PDF creation errors in certain scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where an enter key press within the search field on the applications page would interact with clickable elements
  • Fixed an issue where deployment paths were not correctly updated when profile was copied