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DXU Desktop 2.1.3

· 2 min read

DXU Desktop 2.1.3 is now available. It includes one minor enhancement and addresses one important defect.

Downloads are available in the Releases section on the DXU Desktop Github page.


  • 123113 - Added a link to the online documentation next to the "Include unmodified changes" checkbox in DXU Desktop. This checkbox has implications that should be carefully considered.


  • For use on PC’s running Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7.
  • For use with DL-Axist, Joya Touch Android, Skorpio X4 Android, Skorpio X4 WEC7, Falcon X4 Android, Falcon X4 WEC7, Memor 1, Memor 10, Memor 20.
  • For use with Falcon X3+ CE6, Skorpio X3 CE6 on USBLAN only (required 2.30 fw version).
  • For WEC7 devices, DXU Desktop v2.0.0 and firmware version 1.70 are fully compatible. Earlier versions of either DXU or firmware may result in unexpected behavior.
  • WEC7 DXU files created prior to firmware version 1.70 can still be applied to WEC7 devices, but can no longer be modified in DXU 2.0 or newer.
  • Older versions of DXU Desktop used with WEC7 firmware v1.70 or later may crash when attempting to change Wi-Fi profiles.

Corrected Defects

  • 118594 - Resolved an issue where a user would be unable to edit a DXU configuration file that had previously been saved with only modified changes. That is, if a configuration had been saved with "Include unmodified changes" checkbox left unchecked, that profile could not be edited properly.