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JavaScript SDK


The Datalogic JavaScript SDK allows users to write web apps that interface with the features of Datalogic Android devices through the Datalogic Enterprise Browser.

Click here for information on the Datalogic Enterprise Browser.


The latest version of the JavaScript SDK is available here.

The SDK repository is organized as the contents of a web server. Its contents are described here:

index.htmlHome page for SDK samples
libContains JavaScript SDK implementation files
lib/dl_barcode.jsImplementation of barcode manager API
lib/dl_keyboard.jsImplementation of keyboard manager API
samplesContains SDK sample web pages
samples/barcode.htmlSample page to scan a barcode and display its contents.
samples/camera.htmlSample page to take a picture with the camera, including preview.
samples/config.htmlSample page to configure the scanner properties.
samples/location.htmlSample page to display the current device location.
samples/microphone.htmlSample page to record audio from the device microphone.
samples/trigger.htmlSample page to enable/disable the physical scanning triggers.
samples/resContains resource files used by sample pages

Using SDK

Once you've downloaded the JavaScript SDK files, you can include the desired API's in your HTML pages through a script tag, i.e:

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="dl_barcode.js"></script>

Calls to the API may then be made in an additonal script tag. Sample pages using the JavaScript SDK can be found in the repository on GitHub in the samples directory.


The SDK is divided into multiple namespaces, each with their own API for managing a different aspect of the device.

DLBarcodeMgrInterface for the barcode and scanning features of the device.
DLKeyboardMgrInterface for the physical keyboard of the device.