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Handheld Core SDK

Downloading the SDK

The Datalogic Core SDK can be downloaded from the Datalogic GitHub site.


  • Ease the discovery and pairing of Datalogic Bluetooth® hand-held scanners

    • Automatic generation of barcodes for passkey entry
  • Receive the barcodes read by the scanner

  • Read diagnostic information

    • Scanner id, device name, sw release

    • Battery level

    • Health status

    • Statistics

    • ...and more

  • Change the scanner configuration

    • Change beeper volume

    • Enable/disable vibration

    • Set body LED color

    • ...and more

  • Control the scanner through action commands

    • Emulate trigger press/release

    • Enable/disable scanner

    • Emit beep

    • Batch mode: start, dump, clear

    • ...and more

  • Automatic recognition of SDK-enabled communication endpoints

    • No configuration is needed on the scanner to let it work with SDK-enabled apps

Supported devices

The Datalogic Core SDK is supported by the RIDA™ DBT6400 cordless imager.


The detailed documentation of the Datalogic Core SDK is available here:

Using the SDK

The Datalogic Core SDK is released as an Android binary library. The Datalogic Core SDK Demo App includes the Android Archive (AAR) file of the library and shows how the Datalogic Core SDK can be integrated inside an Android application.

For further information about Android libraries and how to use them, please refer to the following page: