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Cordova SDK

This SDK has been deprecated

The Datalogic Cordova SDK has been deprecated and will no longer be updated.


The Datalogic Cordova SDK is distributed using npm. More information can be found below.

Library that exposes the Datalogic Android (Java) SDK as a Cordova plugin. It lets you receive barcode data from the scanner, as well as configure various scanner and device settings. It is available as a npm package for easy consumption here: @datalogic/cordova-plugin-datalogic.


You can install the plugin from the npm registry as follows:

npm i @datalogic/cordova-plugin-datalogic

...or use the following Cordova CLI command:

cordova plugin add @datalogic/cordova-plugin-datalogic

or, if you are using ionic, this ionic command:

ionic cordova plugin add @datalogic/cordova-plugin-datalogic