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Sample Apps

React Native Samples

React Native sample apps that use the React Native Datalogic Module.

AutoScanTriggerUses autoScanTrigger functions to toggle available triggers.
DecodeListenerUses barcodeManager functions to display barcode data on the screen.
LedManagerUses ledManager functions to turn device LEDs on and off.
SetSymbologiesUses scannerProperties functions to enable or disable barcode symbologies.
SetTriggersUses keyboardManager functions to enable or disable device triggers.


1. Make sure you are set up to build and run on an Android device. See the requirements here.
2. Then download classic yarn and check the version is less than v2.0 using the following:

npm install --global yarn
yarn --version

3. Then you can build and run the React Native sample apps with these commands:

cd react-native-samples
cd DecodeListener <or any of the sample apps>
yarn react-native start
<in a separate terminal>
cd DecodeListener
yarn android