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JavaPOS 1.14.065 (1.14.11-065)

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  • Updated LabelParser to add support for MicroQR.
  • Installer now automatically determines the correct version of nrjavaserial to install.
  • WMI Implementation now supports ModelName and FirmwareRevision properties.
  • Updated Function Key handling for PM9XXX-series devices to no longer search for INQ and ESC in Label data.

Corrected defects

  • Corrected error causing RS232 devices to not reconnect after firmware update in CentOS.
  • Corrected discrepancies between the VAF specification and the IHS Parser.
  • Corrected a problem causing NullPointerException when writing Avalanche registry entries.
  • Corrected resetStatistics in the DLSBaseService to properly conform to UPOS.
  • Corrected an error causing statistics to not be populated on Linux.
  • Corrected an error in WMI Statistics causing corruption of statistics.
  • Removed duplicate property names from DLSProperties.
  • Corrected an error causing DEVICE_SERVICE_VERSION to not be properly updated during build.