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Scan2Deploy Android 1.30

· One min read


  • Show error if OEMConfig is not installed on device and apk isn't included in profile (134949)
  • Added support for the BATTERY_OPTIMIZATION script command added to schema v1.11. This allows you to include or exclude an application from battery optimization on the device (132908)
  • Support for deployment networks, as defined by 'additional-networks` array in the schema (122555)
  • Support enhanced (V3) barcode encryption (106403)

Corrected defects

  • Fixed an issue where downloads can fail on some FTP servers (133016)
  • Fixed an issue where Scan2Deploy doesn't restart automatically after self-update (124408)
  • Silence a "Turn on Play Protect" pop up that appears sometimes when Scan2Deploy is running for the first time on Android 8 devices. It was preventing Scan2Deploy from installing apps. (123406)