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This package contains the SelfshoppingLedManager used to command the available LEDs. The manager exposed methods allow to retrieve the list of available LEDs, retrieve a single LED given its ID or execute a LedAction.

On each LED is possible to execute different methods depending on its interface: the standard Led allows to turn ON/OFF or blink the specific LED, while the DimmingLed also allows to set a specific brightness level or start a DimmingSequence characterized by (time, brightness) pairs (objects of class DimmingSequencePoint).

The same methods available through interfaces can be described with specific LedAction objects, which are available in the sub package com.datalogic.extension.selfshopping.led.action.


DimmingLed Interface exposing the API of a dimming LED. 
Led Interface exposing the API of a generic LED. 


DimmingSequence Class representing a sequence characterized by (time, brightness) pairs. 
DimmingSequencePoint A point in the dimming sequence, characterized by a time value (in milliseconds) and a brightness value (in percentage). 
SelfshoppingLedManager The LED Manager used in the Selfshopping Extension SDK.